Selection of country, course and institution

Most of the students from Bangladesh are confused which country, course and institute will be better for him. We can suggest you from our experience that, the best country, course and institute are the one that best suits your capabilities and requirements. As a prospective student, we will focus on working with you to find the institution that offers the course most suited to your particular needs and aspirations. Therefore, Cinnamon International assess your needs through the Inquiry Form to get an understanding of your ideal institution and course. Our education counselors will consider a number of factors with you, which through our extensive experience in counseling and placing international students we have determined as critical factors in determining a student's success. These factors can be summarized as follows:

  • Your academic performance to date
  • Your age
  • Your English language proficiency
  • The length of the course and the study time involved
  • Do you meet the institution's entry requirements?
  • Is the proposed course in line with the your career goals?
  • Your purpose for studying abroad
  • What tuition fees you are willing to pay (Generally higher status institutions charge higher fees)
  • Do you have the financial resources to cover both study and living expenses?
  • Location. Do you want a city or a country environment?
  • Where you have friends or relatives in that country
  • Where the program you want to enter is offered
  • Where they have places available in what you want to study
  • Where the course structure and outline best suit your interests and way of learning
  • Availability of the type of accommodation you are seeking
  • What type of climate you prefer to live in

After receiving your Inquiry Form, our counselors will offer a highly confidential and personalized service to assist you to find the best possible study option. They assist you to make an informed decision on what is best for you. They can provide you with ideas and information on:

  • Various study pathways that you can reach your study goals
  • Possible study options open to you where you appear to meet the entry criteria, and they meet your criteria
  • Provide detailed information on costs, program structures, course outcomes, etc to allow you to compare programs and decide which suits you best
  • Assist you to prepare and document your application for the maximum chance of a successful outcome
  • Inform you of relevant Student Visa issues
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