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Russia Work and Study Info Pack 2016
Study and Work in Russia: All occupations Below
This program is suitable for individuals who would like to study Russian and undergo a paid work
placement with the future prospect of transfer to working visa and/or Permanent Residency.
Program Length
12 months renewable every year for up to 5 years;
You can choose to switch to working visa in Russia= for up to 7 years, leads to settlement
You will be enrolled in an officially recognized language program to undergo a program of Russian
language that is renewable every year.
Work Placement
You will be placed with an employer by the language school and will be expected to work within your
• Food and beverages
• Cooks
• Housekeeping
• Au pairs
• Care givers
• IT Professionals + Computing
• Store Assistants
Related/non-related degrees and diplomas and/or 6-12 months related experience
Age Range
20-40 years of age
• • Language Requirements
A good level of English is required. IELTS is not required. You should learn some basic Russian before
– Moscow
Arrangement of offer letter/invitation from
6 weeks
Visa Application
10 days
link abroad Work and Study Info Pack 2016
Study and Work in Russia: All occupations Below
Registration, Working Process And Documentation
• Submission of Registration Files by applicant:
Completed CV Photo File in Word format
• Payment of Registration Fees of 500 GBP
• Submission of supporting documents by applicant.

The following information should be sent to ‘’CINNAMON INTERNATIONAL STUDY ABROAD- SINCE -2006 partner offices, by email:
• University degrees or certificate and other relevant training certificates in English.
• Copies of certificate(s) of employment from previous employer(s) on official letterhead paper.
Please note that certificate(s) must detail specific duties and responsibilities.
• Copy of passport showing front cover, photo, number and signature.
• Bank statement showing 2000 USD for visa, can be in relative or friends name, just required for
day of application
Please note that this list is not exhaustive and for certain sectors, categories and professions, you may be
requested to provide additional information.

• Arrangement of invitation letter from Institute.
• Visa Application
• Arrival and Transfer to Accommodation

• • • Registration with Institute and general orientation
• Arrangement of interview and Offer Letter to Intern/work
• Commencement of study and work program
General Program Services
• Pre-validation of applicant qualification in line with the program.
• Arrangement of quality Internship program that is appropriate to the core needs of the
• CV Photo File guidance.
• The arrangement of offer letters
• Arranged visa support services, by a partner organization.
• The arrangement of residential accommodation.
• The arrangement of a travel plan.
• The arrangement of airport transfers.
• Ongoing care and support while in Russia
Variation: Any variation on the terms indicated herein shall be addressed in writing.
1 year program extendable every year or switch over to work permit
- Russia Work and Study Info Pack 2016
Study and Work in Russia: All occupations Below
Study in college Russian language 1-2 times per week
Placement in Cafe’s, Restaurants and Hotels, in positions where basic Russian is sufficient:
• Cafe/Restaurant- server, food runner, kitchen helper, cook, room service, larder work, cellar
work, deliveries, restaurant and bar service, housekeeping
• Au Paris- looking after children in domestic’s households
• Carers- looking after old people in their homes
• IT + Computing- Doing all IT related jobs and specialization’s
• •
• Store Workers- working in retail shops and outlets
= 600-1000 USD per month depending on experience and Russian language this can be higher
With knowledge of Russian this can rise to 800-1500 USD per month
• Public Transport – 1500 RUR per month.
• Accommodation – 5000 RUR per month.
• Free meals in the hotel during working day.
• Free uniform, but black closed-toe shoes to be purchased in home country
• Total deductions: 10,500 RUR per month = 76.50 USD per month
Emergency funds
Upon arrival in Russia must have a minimum with 500 USD emergency funds?
Airport transfer
Upon arrival in Russia, the company meets the candidates at the airport for transfer to accommodation
Monthly salary minus deductions = 600 USD GBP per month x 12 = 7,200 USD per annum
Fees for Russian language program and work placement on Visa approval 55, 00 GBP
Offer Letter will come from Institute for Russian Language.
As per Offer Letter for work only available on arrival, within 7 to 15 days of arrival.
Russia Work and Study Info Pack 2016
Study and Work in Russia: All occupations Below
Rules and regulations 2016
• link abroad retains the right to reject any applicant that it considers is not suitable for program.
• Under no circumstances will Cinnamon International accept contingent liability for:
• Delays in the process or outcome of a study placement.
• Delays in the process or outcome of a work placement.

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