Welcome to Cinnamon International

At the present world and in the face of fast changing corporate world, the need for international education has become a necessity rather than a luxury. The experience of international education provides you the unique opportunity for your personal growth, develop your skill and knowledge for the necessity of new millennium and develop the sense of confidence and personal accomplishment. So it has become a challenge for you to choose the perfect qualification at a perfect institute in order to meet your individual goal of perfection in a chosen career and it becomes hard to make that choice alone without any expert guidance, when there is so much to choose from. The information overload also does not make it any easier, so what do you do? You turn to the experts. This is where the teams at CINNAMON INTERNATIONAL come to your assistance with our expertise and in depth knowledge about international education. We provide you information, guidance and expert assistance in your complete application process, which makes your transaction so much easier from one country to another. CINNAMON INTERNATIONAL was established in 2005 with a vision of being an educational consultant that represents reputed institutions from the world over, CINNAMON INTERNATIONAL is rooted with strong ethics to provide comprehensive services to prospective students keen on studying abroad. Due to this principled approach, CINNAMON INTERNATIONAL has been able to establish an excellent profile reflecting its immense credibility in the education and student recruitment industry.

You will never know how high you can fly until you try You start first and it's our duty to ensure you the right way to better life for the rest of life.

Our Mission:

To exist as one of the reputed student's recruiting firm and career guide through consistent delivery of quality service.

Our Vision:

To be a renowned and first class education consultant in Bangladesh.

Reasons to choose Cinnamon International :

  • Successful and reputed student recruiting firm.
  • Promote courses, colleges and universities in foreign countries like UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Malaysia, Cyprus, Sweden, USA and others
  • Collaboration with renowned foreign institutions from UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Malaysia.
  • Expert and experienced team for the appropriate guidance, admission and visa process
  • Free counseling
  • Fast and hassle free service
  • Very much careful about miss-guidance
  • Standard ratio of Visa Success
  • Achieved 100% client's satisfaction
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